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Digital marketing embodies "the new frontier" with regards to marketing solutions for small businesses and large multi-nationals. Your marketing activities should include advertisement, sale and subsequent delivery of products to your consumers. However, the overview of marketing is much wider.

Marketing is not just about advertising and making sales. Marketing encompasses all that a company does in a bid to acquire customers and retain a good working relationships with them. Formerly, conventional marketing methods were the prime source of marketing services to business owners. These methods included brochures, billboards and advertisements over the radio.

Internet Marketing for your business

With the technological advancement that the world has witnessed over the years, such antiquated methods cease to appeal to businesses. Moreover, such methods are not as effective as digital marketing solutions are today.

The internet boom of the 1990s was followed in rapid succession by an exponential growth in online business transactions. Every business anticipated to cash in on this new economy. This widespread use of the internet to carry out business transactions opened a new channel for marketing companies to market businesses. In the contemporary times, almost every business has either a blog or a company website to facilitate interaction with its clients.

Dedicated to getting you online

ESAT Marketing is a marketing company dedicated towards getting your business' name out there and ensuring that you retain a personal touch with your customers and clients. We offer digital marketing solutions to small businesses and large corporations alike. Our scope of marketing activities is wide. The marketing services we offer fall in plethora and include search engine marketing, web design, social media marketing, page conversion optimization among others.

Our search engine marketing services entail delivery of a digital marketing message to customers and consumers who are internet users. This form of marketing chiefly relies on search engines like Google and Yahoo. These two sites and suchlike sites have impressive search capabilities. When an internet user keys in a term related to the words on your businesses' blog or website, the information regarding your business gets listed in the search engine results. Consequently, the intended marketing message can be deemed delivered. This service is widely known as SEO.

Get ready, get social

Additionally, our social media marketing service will prove beneficial to your business. We will enable your business to spread any promotions you have on offer as well as news regarding your products. We have established a reputable presence in sites such as Twitter and Facebook. We are a marketing company that ensures postage of relevant updates about your business and ensure it reaches the multitude of users who subscribe to these social networking sites.

Besides the catchy phrases and ostentatious graphics, web design requires much strategy. Your company's website has potential to accomplish widespread marketing for your business. We specialize in creating content that is persuasive without being salesy. This is the ultimate way of convincing consumers to try out your products and services.

Other digital marketing solutions we offer include pay per click (PPC) marketing, video marketing and banner ad marketing. With PPC marketing, your business only has to pay if a viewer clicks on your ad containing the marketing message for your business. Through our Strategic Marketing Company in Hampshire - Blue Spark Digital we can also provide web design, digital marekting and SEo services to businesses in Surrey, Hampshire and the South East of England.